Iain and Rebecca's week to Bermuda in July 2008.

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Cruise ship at Dockyard

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Entrance to snorkel park, Dockyard

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Beach at snorkel park

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Mangrove Bay, Somerset

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Bermuda rooftop

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Cavello Bay, Somerset

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Cavello Bay, Somerset

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Cavello Bay, Somerset

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Cavello Bay, Somerset

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Watford Bridge, Somerset

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Bermuda rooftop

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Bermuda Longtail

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Entrance to Ely's Harbour

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Near Somerset Bridge

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Gibbs' Hill lighthouse

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Jews Bay and Riddell's Bay from Gibbs' Hill

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Horseshoe Bay

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Riddell's Bay dock

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Somerset ferry at Watford Bridge

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Bermuda real estate - Point Shares

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Bermuda real estate - Pitt's Bay

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Bermuda real estate - Pitt's Bay

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Paget ferry

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Hamilton building

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Waterlot Inn, Southampton

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Gibbs' Hill lighthouse from

Waterlot Inn, Southampton

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Waterlot Inn, Southampton

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Jews Bay from Waterlot Inn, Southampton

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Jews Bay from Waterlot Inn, Southampton

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Jews Bay from Waterlot Inn, Southampton

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Christ Church, Warwick

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DSC_4500_Sue__at_SaltRockGrill_MangroveBay_Somerset.JPG (284326 bytes)

Sue at Saltrock Grill

DSC_4499_Ruairidh_at_SaltRockGrill_MangroveBay_Somerset.JPG (314888 bytes)

Ruairidh messing with Rebecca

DSC_4484_Rebecca_and_Sandy_at_Rosemont_Somerset.JPG (329491 bytes)


DSC_4797_RebeccaRoad_Southampton.JPG (463898 bytes)

Rebecca Road, Southampton

DSC_4539_cats_Rosemont_Somerset.JPG (381919 bytes)

One of the kittens

DSC_4501.JPG (390610 bytes)

Rebecca and the mother cat

DSC_4713_granny_and_Rebecca_on_grannys_verandah_at_Westmeath_Pembroke.JPG (319437 bytes)

Rebecca and Granny

DSC_4709_granny_and_Iain_on_grannys_verandah_at_Westmeath_Pembroke.JPG (289884 bytes)

Iain and his mother


DSC_4802_Rebecca_at_Grandpa's_grave_ChristChurch.JPG (443566 bytes)

Grandpa's grave at Christ Church

DSC_4704_Rebecca_at_RiddellsBay_Warwick.JPG (413785 bytes)

Riddells Bay dock

DSC_4657_Rebecca_and_Iain_on_rented_scooter_Bermuda.JPG (361394 bytes)

Iain and Rebecca on their rental

DSC_4729_Rebecca_and_Duncan_at_MaritimeMuseum_Dockyard.JPG (466463 bytes)

Rebecca and Duncan at Dockyard

DSC_4815.JPG (265960 bytes)                 DSC_4817.JPG (273053 bytes)

Cooper's Island and St. Georges from the air