The family spent almost a week in New York in June 2008.

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DSC_4187_TimesSquare_NY.JPG (477442 bytes)

Times Square

DSC_4164_Chelsea_and_Rebecca_in_Macys_NY.JPG (372524 bytes)

Shopping at Macy's

DSC_4184_Rebecca_in_Sephora_NewYork.JPG (322637 bytes)

Trying stuff out at Sephora

DSC_4195_TimesSquare_parking_lot_NY.JPG (455612 bytes)

Near Times Square

DSC_4197_TimesSquare_NY.JPG (475082 bytes)

Times Square

DSC_4200_TimesSquare_condo_NY.JPG (306744 bytes)

New York condos

DSC_4213_NY_building.JPG (330119 bytes)


DSC_4209_NY_building.JPG (472567 bytes)


DSC_4215_reflections_NY.JPG (391446 bytes)


DSC_4237_inside_RadioCity_NY.JPG (448299 bytes)

The lobby inside Radio City

DSC_4245_inside_StPatricksCathedral_NY.JPG (433173 bytes)

Inside St. Patricks

DSC_4246_inside_Saks_5th_Ave_NY.JPG (370868 bytes)

Think this was inside Saks 5th Ave

DSC_4255_The_Plaza_from_inside_Apple_store.JPG (376270 bytes)

The Plaza (condos) from the Apple store

DSC_4261_BergdorfGoodman_NY.JPG (311174 bytes)

No name needed!

DSC_4262_BergdorfGoodman_through_apple_store_NY.JPG (394235 bytes)

Bergdorf Goodman through the Apple store

DSC_4269_bookstore_NY.JPG (447640 bytes)

Bookstore on 59th St.

DSC_4268_reflections_NY.JPG (332773 bytes)


DSC_4274_CentralPark_ducks_NY.JPG (337579 bytes)

Central Park wildlife

DSC_4276_CentralPark_NY.JPG (422703 bytes)

Conservatory Water, central Park

DSC_4285_Artists_CentralPark_NY.JPG (464072 bytes)

Central Park artists at work

DSC_4304_boating_lake_CentralPark_NY.JPG (405036 bytes)

Bow bridge, Central Park

DSC_4315_boating_lake_CentralPark_NY.JPG (391913 bytes)

Somerset ferry at Watford Bridge

DSC_4320_boating_lake_CentralPark_NY.JPG (616662 bytes)

The lake, Central Park

DSC_4329_boating_lake_CentralPark_NY.JPG (512367 bytes)

The lake, Central Park

DSC_4314_building_from_lake_CentralPark_NY.JPG (373731 bytes)

Building bordering Central Park - note

the water tower on top

DSC_4356_Loeb_boathouse_CentralPark_NY.JPG (268412 bytes)

Boats at the Loeb boathouse, Central Park

DSC_4368_Rebecca_at_hotdogstand_CentralPark_NY.JPG (445872 bytes)

Rebecca buying lunch in Central Park

DSC_4373_overlooking_WollmanRink_in_CentralPark_NY.JPG (394330 bytes)

Wollman ice rink, Central Park

DSC_4376_carriage_horse_CentralPark_south_NY.JPG (344990 bytes)

Carriage horse near the Plaza

DSC_4377_character_CentralPark_south_NY.JPG (409481 bytes)

NY characters!

DSC_4378_city_reflections_NY.JPG (321935 bytes)

More reflections

DSC_4380_Rebecca_at_Tiffanys_NY.JPG (467217 bytes)

One of Rebecca's favourite NY stores

DSC_4381_city_reflections_GreenwichVillage_NY.JPG (353307 bytes)

Still more reflections - Greenwich Village

DSC_4384_NYU_WashingtonSquare_NY.JPG (239897 bytes)

NYU, Washington Square

DSC_4388_squirell__WashingtonSquare_NY.JPG (377141 bytes)

Washington Square wildlife

DSC_4391_NYU__WashingtonSquare_NY.JPG (217768 bytes)

NYU, Greenwich Village

DSC_4393_NYU_WashingtonSquare_NY.JPG (488853 bytes)

NYU, Greenwich Village

DSC_4397_ferry_to_Statue_of_Liberty_NY.JPG (307593 bytes)

Lower Manhattan from the Ellis Island ferry

DSC_4403_from_ferry_to_Statue_of_Liberty_NY.JPG (206423 bytes)


DSC_4408_Chelsea_on_the_ferry_to_Statue_of_Liberty_NY.JPG (301720 bytes)

Chelsea and her assigned summer reading

DSC_4418_inside_main_building_Ellis_Island_NY.JPG (384003 bytes)

Inside the main hall at Ellis Island

DSC_4425_from_inside_main_building_Ellis_Island_NY.JPG (289516 bytes)

View from inside the main hall at Ellis Island

DSC_4431_inside_main_building_Ellis_Island_NY.JPG (353021 bytes)

Inside the main hall at Ellis Island

DSC_4434_inside_main_building_Ellis_Island_NY.JPG (324172 bytes)

Main building, Ellis Island

DSC_4450_main_building_Ellis_Island_NY.JPG (156568 bytes)

Ellis Island

DSC_4438_theHPs_at_Ellis_Island_NY.JPG (371009 bytes)

The HP family at Ellis Island

DSC_4439_Rebecca_at_Ellis_Island_NY.JPG (372581 bytes)


DSC_4457_Arne Saknussemms_entry_point_midtown_Manhattan_NY.JPG (276744 bytes)

Arne Saknussemm's entry point?

Broadway Shows

Gypsy1.JPG (405201 bytes)


Patti LuPone1.JPG (359815 bytes)

Patti Lupone - star of Gypsy

Laura Bell Bundy1.JPG (397277 bytes)

Laura Bell bundy - star of Legally Blonde

Me_ Becca_ and Stephen1.JPG (406530 bytes)

The girsl with Stephen Collins (King Arthur)

Spamalot1.JPG (273629 bytes)


Me_ Becca_ and Drew1.JPG (343935 bytes)

The girls with Drew Lachey (Patsy)

Radio City6.JPG (452108 bytes)

Hydraulics that lift the stage at

Radio City

Re-enactment of Gettysburg

Reanactment2.JPG (209213 bytes)


Reanactment11.JPG (256094 bytes)


Reanactment17.JPG (208442 bytes)


Reanactment21.JPG (181159 bytes)


Reanactment25.JPG (253742 bytes)


Reanactment28.JPG (401278 bytes)


Reanactment32.JPG (331992 bytes)


Reanactors3.JPG (381939 bytes)



Reanactment45.JPG (262537 bytes)


Reanactment51.JPG (242319 bytes)


Reanactment53.JPG (193657 bytes)