The barn went to Tucson for a show in mid February 2008.

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Thursday_Tucson_barn001.jpg (105982 bytes)

The tack room at

Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson

Thursday_DSC_3082_Rebecca.JPG (189255 bytes)

Rebecca warming up

Thursday_Tucson_sunset001.jpg (45695 bytes)

Tucson sunset Thursday evening


Game_of_scrabble001.jpg (129247 bytes)

Early morning game of scrabble. 

Yes, it's cold!

Friday_It's_snowing_002.jpg (104687 bytes)

So cold that it started to snow 

around 11.00 am

Friday_It's_snowing_003.jpg (106473 bytes)

The HP's in the snow

Friday_DSC_3155.JPG (181106 bytes)

Snow on the hills around Tucson

Friday_DSC_3151_Chelsea.JPG (152896 bytes)

Chelsea and Calypo

(temperature was 39 degrees F)

Friday_DSC_3159_Chelsea.JPG (175396 bytes)

Chelsea warming up

Friday_Chelsea003.jpg (90376 bytes)

Chelsea in the ring

Friday_Chelsea005.jpg (120231 bytes)

Chelsea in the ring

Friday_DSC_3179_Chelsea.JPG (155348 bytes)

Chelsea in the ring

Friday_DSC_3197_Rebecca.JPG (196146 bytes)

Rebecca warming up

Friday_DSC_3224_Chelsea.JPG (191312 bytes)

Done for the day 




Saturday_Chelsea_017.jpg (136037 bytes)

Chelsea and Calypo in the ring

Saturday_DSC_3383_Chelsea.JPG (198238 bytes)

Chelsea (notice the colour of Calypo's belly)

Saturday_Chelsea002.jpg (94903 bytes)

Chelsea after a few rounds in the ring

Saturday_Group003.jpg (167940 bytes)

The peanut gallery

Saturday_DSC_3409_Jess.JPG (222883 bytes)

Jess and Frankie

Saturday_Jess_n_Maggie005.jpg (112516 bytes)

Maggie and Jess


Sunday_DSC_3462_Maggie1.JPG (188614 bytes)

Maggie and Birdie

Sunday_DSC_3463_Maggie2.JPG (190060 bytes)

Maggie and Birdie

Sunday_Chelsea_007.jpg (158333 bytes)

Chelsea and Calypo

Sunday_DSC_3587.JPG (199881 bytes)

The Tuscon group

Sunday_DSC_3600_riders.JPG (198508 bytes)

Riders and ribbons

Sunday_Riders_n_Ribbons_001.jpg (105991 bytes)



Monday_Tucson_house010.jpg (191647 bytes)

The house in Tucson that

we all shared

Monday_Tucson_house007.jpg (71126 bytes)

Tucson house

Monday_Tucson_house004.jpg (125257 bytes)

Tucson house

Monday_DSC_3621.JPG (146582 bytes)

Tucson house

Monday_Tucson_house008.jpg (134163 bytes)

Tucson house

Monday_Rebecca_sepia001.jpg (245493 bytes)


Monday_DSC_3640.JPG (57223 bytes)

Interstate 8 to San Diego

Monday_Dune_buggy001.jpg (53247 bytes)

Sand dunes off I-8 in near Yuma

Monday_The_middle_of_nowhere002.jpg (25339 bytes)

Somewhere near Yuma, AZ

 Sunday_TheHPS_in_Tucson001.jpg (125818 bytes)

The HP's in Tucson